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 Xizi Elevator, (also known as XiziOtis elevator company) in joint venture production to Otis Elevators for the global market. 

 It was established in Hangzhou, China.

 So far, this cross-century brand has existed for decades and has provided most outstanding building transportation solutions for over 60 countries and regions in the world, constantly won market recognition and partner’s trust. XIZI is consistent from beginning to end, insisting on going back to fundament, bringing out perfect products while staying true to the mission.


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Our Specialization

 Elielxizi elevator company limited specializes in full installation, overhaul, repairs, maintenance and servicing of most brands of elevators, escalators, and travelators in Nigeria and across West Africa.

We are your most reliable comprehensive elevator services company.

Passenger Elevators
Machine roofless Elevators


Freight Elevators And Escalators
Panoramic Elevators
Hospital Elevators
Moving Walkways and Home Elevators

Some of the elevator brands we install, repair and service.